Below are some of our projects that are currently under construction or in design.

The Stacks

The Stacks consists of 8 single-family attached homes in the Biltmore / Arcadia area in Phoenix, built and developed by Boxwell Southwest.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is a full renovation and front addition to a home on the side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. The front addition adds an extra bedroom and 2000 square feet of patio space over two floors to take in the sweeping view of the valley.


Slice is a new 2300 square foot custom home on an infill lot in Cave Creek, Arizona. The home’s roof soars from 8 feet up to 23 feet towards the mountain views to the north, while also collecting rainwater for reuse in the landscape.

Lomas Verdes

Lomas Verdes is a new subdivision in North Scottsdale that will feature 2 different homes, roughly 5000 square feet and green certified. Each home focuses on creating multiple courtyards that allow the 1 acre desert parcels to flow in to and through the homes, integrating the houses with their site. Covered second story decks provide panoramic views of the Sonoran desert and surrounding mountains.

Canal House

Canal House is a new 2500 square foot home on the banks of the Arizona Canal in central Phoenix. In the southwest tradition, the home is U-shaped, creating a private courtyard in the urbanizing city.


Terramar is a new 2000 square foot home along the coast of Carlsbad, California. This passively designed home focuses on blurring the lines of the indoors and outdoors, making it live much larger than its footprint.


Ridge is an approximately 900 square foot addition to a midcentury modern home in Tempe. The homeowners have loved their midcentury home for years, but a growing family has made a master suite a priority for them to continue enjoying it. The addition design takes cues from the original home and extends the iconic roofline, creating a mountain ridge profile when viewed in elevation.

La Paz

The La Paz home is an extremely unique home in Paradise Valley originally designed by Fredrick Fleenor in 1970. Our scope for this project includes renovating the bedroom wing of the existing house while adding a master suite, indoor/outdoor living area, guest house and garage.


Boulders is a new 2400 square foot home in north Scottsdale designed in a similar fashion to a boulder outcrop on the site, with 3 volumes creating a protected courtyard with panoramic mountain views.


Teddy is a new, 4 story triplex in downtown Phoenix. The design maximizes the living space on this small, urban lot while still providing private outdoor space for all of the units.