I hired The Ranch Mine to designed a new house on a vacant lot in a historic neighborhood in Phoenix. I had been living in the suburbs and was ready to make the leap to a more centralized and urban lifestyle. Working with The Ranch Mine was a very collaborative process with quick turnaround on design plans. Working with Cavin and The Ranch Mine I would wait mere days, if even that long (in some case hours) to see updates to the design and plans. Cavin and Claire worked with me on the vision of the house, managing to incorporate some of my fun wish list items as well. I wanted a mud room, remembering them from growing up in the Midwest. They added a mud room. I wanted an outdoor shower to wash off prior to or after using the pool. They added an outdoor show in a very creative manner. I wanted a hidden bedroom behind a shelving display and they added in such a room with such shelving that it feels like it was meant to be. And they worked with me on position of doors and layouts as I attempted to feng shui parts of my house and expanded a spare bedroom office into a full on second master bedroom. Claire and Cavin met me for a day of picking out designs, colors, and fixtures for the house, from flooring to tile to cabinetry. There was no pressure and they walked me through pros and cons of various materials and looks. We had to get the City’s Historic Preservation Council’s approval to begin construction. Working with The Ranch Mine this process was smooth without complications. Cavin and Claire joined me at a neighborhood association meeting to present and talk about our plans for this plot of land, and to ease any concerns the neighbors would have. During the meeting with the Historic Preservation Council, they were prepared and organized and could walk the committee members through the aspects of my home design that drew elements from other houses and landscape features within the neighborhood. That my very modern house cleared both hurdles with no criticism and no request for changes says a lot about their capability of working with city and Historic guidelines. During the build they remained involved as changes needed to be made. The washer and dryer originally spec’ed turned out to be too big for the space and within hours Cavin found new models that would meet all requirements and fit in the space. I made changes to the flooring at the last minute (wood to tile) and The Ranch Mine didn’t miss a beat. I’m now moved in and catch myself wondering in astonishment “Who lives in a place like this?” knowing that the answer is me and that Cavin and Claire made my dream and dream house become reality. I highly recommend The Ranch Mine finding them to be organized, focused on details, creative, and responsive. I’m happy to talk more about engagement with them to those contemplating hiring them to bring their own dreams to fruition.

‘Sol’ New Build House,

We had met Cavin and Claire at a social function held at their “Curves” house which they had recently redone for the owner. Not only were we impressed with the appearance of the work, but we were engaged by their personalities as well. At the time we were struggling about what to do with our residence. We really loved  the mid century modern lines of the  1959 home we had lived in for the previous five years, but its master bedroom was very confining, with a tiny bathroom and very little closet space. The  rest of the house was very spacious, but as time went by, the claustrophobic feeling of the master bedroom was growing worse. Further, we have a large family and needed all the additional bedroom space in the home so expanding the master within the confines of the existing exterior perimeter walls was not an option. We went so far as to purchase a much larger home with a huge master bedroom suite. After months of renovations on that new property, we moved there, only to discover that we missed the soul and the unique character of our previous residence. So after only three months in the new house we moved back-a pricey exercise in futility that I recommend to nobody. As part of the decision process to return to our original home we contacted Ranch Mine and asked for a feasibility study to determine whether it would be possible to add the kind of master bedroom that we wished for. After studying the house and its position on the the lot, taking photos and careful measurements, and verifying city setbacks and requirements, Cavin and Claire were able to tell us with confidence that we would be able to achieve our hopes while preserving the aspects of our home that we liked best. The mission we charged them with was to provide bathroom and closet space that would allow two professional adults to efficiently get ready for work in the morning without colliding or interfering with each other. Additionally we stressed the importance of preserving as much yard space as possible for our family to enjoy. Finally, we were very adamant about creating something that would enhance and accentuate—not detract from—the clean lines of the house. We didn’t want to tack on a sticks-and-stucco box that  would look like an afterthought done on the cheap. We are pleased to say that after only three concepts/iterations Ranch Mine hit a home run, attaining all of these goals, resulting in something we can truly be proud of. The living space they created is gorgeous to look at, and invigorating to live within. The bedroom area features high ceilings and tall glass sliding doors that frame a very flattering view of our yard and pool. The addition is accessed via a corridor, punctuated by rhythmic slit windows, that touches the house tangentially at the far southwest corner, minimizing any intrusion into the existing space and maximizing the extent of the lawn outside. The design echoes the roof line of the existing house and incorporates sandblasted block to tie in visually with the the original structure. Cavin and Claire also offered patient design assistance and responses to questions; numerous site visits were made by both to help us understand the process and visualize the design. On matters of interior design and finishes, Claire was very helpful in guiding us through all of the possibilities for floors, surfaces, fixtures and colors. She created several sketches, renderings and spec books as we zeroed in on the final selections. In conclusion, we can enthusiastically and without reservations endorse the RanchMine. We are very glad we chose them for our project and would do so again in the future.

‘Ridge’ Addition,

Our 1950's ranch home was in desperate need of a complete remodel. We wanted a remodel, but were lost. We hired Cavin and Claire to help bring our vision to reality. Everything, and we mean everything, needed renovation and updating. The floor plan was not usable space, the kitchen was a disaster, and the bathrooms just embarrassing. Cavin and Claire gave us vision, design, and continual support in every aspect of the remodel. They never left our side. Not only are they extremely talented, they are beyond patient, supportive, and truly visionary. Now, our tired, old ranch is a show piece that honors the 1950's ranch design, but with a jaw-dropping contemporary personality. The pool house addition is just spectacular. We are beyond thrilled.

‘Luxe Ranch’ Renovation and Pool House Addition,

First I will say that I'm impossible to work with. Partly because I'm new at this and of course I was expecting TV style Property Brothers results (cost timeline etc), and partly because I'm maniacally particular, impatient and stubborn by nature. My taste is ultra modern, simple, and unique and the Team at Ranch Mine gobbled up these challenging conditions and PRODUCED without flinching. We chose Ranch Mine over Construction Zone (also a local AZ design/builder) because Cavin and his team seemed to specialize more in reusing as much of the existing materials as possible, building in SMART, SUSTAINABLE solutions while hitting style preference. Their genuine interest in getting our concept and desires right the first time amounted to a pretty involved vetting session that made us feel like they appreciate our job and how it will impact our lives moving forward vs. the "ya ya ya we've got this covered..we'll figure it out" lip service that came from the competition. Their out of the box green additions were a great surprise and we can't wait to see them in action. Furthermore, let me say that Cavin's Construction Documents (final stage in preparing his design for a contractor to put into place) were consistently celebrated with all 4 building contractors we interviewed. All were impressed at the amount of specific detail he included in the docs, and all seemed to independently agree that his efforts up front would surely help the project get completed as quickly as possible. It's been a gift to work with Cavin and his team and I'd highly recommend Ranch Mine to anyone looking for the same experience I've described above.

‘Flying Colors’ Renovation,

Cavin and Claire are exceptional. From Start to Finish, they stayed on top of the details, making sure our expectations were exceeded. Even though we were a smaller project for them, they poured an abundance of attention into our project and were always there to help see it through to the finish. We have received nothing but great feedback from everyone about our project. We were even selected for the Modern Phoenix Home Tour after completing our project! We look forward to working with them again in the future.

‘Beadle Buddy’ Landscape and Garage/Workshop Addition,

As a landscape/pool design/build firm, we've found collaborations with The Ranch Mine to be extremely positive. The team is completely on-point with the Phoenix aesthetic and their designs are consistent and innovative. The Ranch Mine is extremely respectful of timelines and budgets making them very easy to communicate and work with. We look forward to future collaborations!

‘Bevel Up’ Landscape Renovation,
Green Project, Landscape Contractor

We hired The Ranch Mine to design an addition onto our 1950 single story ranch home. We were looking to expand and remodel our kitchen, and add a dining room and master suite. They were excellent to work with in terms of understanding what we wanted and understanding our style. The addition The Ranch Mine designed made excellent use of the space and flows perfectly, and the transition from the old part of the house to the new is seamless. They also included a wonderful screened in porch off the dining room which is really another living space that we get so much use out of. They were great to work with, very responsive and efficient, and we loved their work. Our day to day lives have been greatly enhanced because of the great job they did with our house.

‘Meet Virginia Park’ Renovation and Addition,

We hired The Ranch Mine to design a VERY budget conscious remodel of an early 1970s condo in Cave Creek, AZ. Almost nothing had been done to it since it was built, and though the bones were good it was dark, chopped up, and uninspired. You can see the open, light-filled, very enjoyable to live in space as redesigned at the link below. Cavin and Claire listened well, were very prompt in their work, and had great ideas. We did only three concept sketches, and the cost actually went down as we got to the final design. I especially appreciated their help sourcing materials that were key to the look and feel at very very reasonable prices -which actually declined as we spec'd specific materials. As an added bonus, they also did a "modern" landscape design for us which is still in process so no photos yet. And, the plans were very high quality requiring no revisions to pass City review or to allow builders to bid and build - this saved time and money. We also appreciated their continued help during construction consulting on colors (stained concrete floors) and various other issues. All in all, a great experience. I highly recommend them for great design ideas, timely high quality work, and responsiveness to Owner concerns. And, they are delightful people and a pleasure to work with!

‘Bennie G’ Renovation,

We interviewed several renovation design companies and quickly settled on Cavin and Claire Costello (at the time Claire Aton and Cavin Costello), who constitute The Ranch Mine, to guide the renovation and expansion of our 1927 abandoned brick cottage in an historic district in Phoenix. They listened well but were not hesitant to make their design leanings known. As the project proceeded they continued to carefully guide our thinking and decisions so as to fulfill our vision. The work was collaborative throughout, including the contractor team. We are in the last week of completion and Cavin and Claire have made themselves available at each step. They have been adaptable to required change without letting the team sacrifice the overall outcome. For example, when we suggested that the main material of the addition would be adobe, they quickly educated themselves in its manufacture and use. There was full embrace of this unique and central aspect of the project. It was a professional and personal delight to work with Claire and Cavin and we would recommend them without qualification.

‘Edge’ Renovation and Addition,

I worked with The Ranch Mine for my remodel of a recently purchased home in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a complete overhaul of the house and my design tastes are very modern and minimal. I am definitely not a traditionalist when it comes to my home design preferences. I saw on their website ( that The Ranch Mine could produce beautiful designs that were more traditional, but I was curious if they could meet my preferences and budget. After meeting with them, I knew they were going to be exactly what I was looking for. They were very professional and worked with me from start to finish on my design concept. They did a great job of "walking the fine line" of leading the project, but always putting my needs and choices first. They were very conscientious of my budget and everything they did was to ensure that it was met, from design through final construction. I can not say enough positive things about this company. The care and professionalism they took for me before, during, and after construction has been awesome. They "nailed" my vision and created my dream home. All of this was done at an incredible value with great service! Thank you for all of your great work guys!

‘White Sands’ Renovation,

We worked with Cavin and Claire from The Ranch Mine for our full house renovation master plans and just completed the first phase, the kitchen remodel. We are taking a traditional southwestern ranch home and making it more contemporary which they really excel in. They were great to work with. They brought up ideas we would never have thought of and they really listened to what we wanted. They nailed our kitchen materials and finishes on the first try. We are looking forward to continue to work with them on the rest of our place.

‘Park Paradise’ Renovation,

I contacted the Ranch Mine to help me redesign the front and back yards for my new home (adding curb appeal and making my backyard space more livable), in addition to getting some help with furniture selection. Claire and Cavin met my needs and were incredibly professional and amiable. End-to-end the whole process took around three months; the pace between phases was set by me - we could have taken much more time in between phases if that is what we needed. We broke up the project into two parts - one for the exterior changes and one for interior design/furniture selection. The exterior was charged at a flat rate per phase/deliverable, and the interior charged at an hourly rate. For the front and back yard plans, it was clear to me what I was paying for from the previous session and what I would have to pay for in a subsequent session. For example, the first 'phase' focused on measuring my property and drafting a site map, another focused on selection of colors and materials. The end result was a detailed multi-page demo and site plan, as well as a digital version of the plan, in addition to renderings to help me visualize the end result. I have not yet completed this work but hope to get it done in 2014. For the interior, I shared with them my desired aesthetic, some sample pieces, and worked over the next few months to purchase their recommendations. I am really pleased with the look and feel of my living and dining rooms. Had I tried to do it by myself, I doubt it would have come out looking as well thought out! Even though my project was very small relative to some of their projects, I am overall pleased with the experience and would recommend them for any project small or large. Take a look at their site and you'll see!

‘Miss Mulberry’ Landscape and Furnishings,