We specialize in designing contextually modern homes in historic, mid-century and mountain neighborhoods in Arizona. The majority of our work is comprised of infill houses (new houses on vacant lots in existing neighborhoods) and significant renovations and additions to modest ranch homes, mid-century modern homes and historic properties. Our expertise in combining the character found in older homes and neighborhoods with today’s modern desert living uniquely enables us to help you create a one of a kind home that inspires your everyday and contributes to the betterment of your community.


Investing in a vacant lot within a historic neighborhood, mid-century modern niche, or elsewhere brings with it fantastic opportunities and unique challenges. It is important to consider the varied aspects that comprise these spaces, like city mandated design guidelines. This is just one example of why it is important to have a team that understands the neighborhood as a whole early on in the design and development process. When done well, an empty lot gives you the unique opportunity to write the next chapter of your neighborhood’s history book. We love this challenge and would be honored to be a part of your team as you create a home that will not only enrich your everyday life but contribute to the neighborhood you live in.


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There are a million reasons to move and just as many places to move to. But, what happens when houses on the market just do not satisfy your needs? Well, one option is to consider a redesign, a renovation or an addition, of a home that meets the basics. It is important to identify the essentials when considering renovating a newly purchased or soon to be purchased home. For instance, neighborhood amenities, lot size and the position of the home on the lot are just a few items that can dictate your options very quickly. This is why it is important to have a design team on board early on when considering redesigning a new-to-you home. We work diligently to craft innovative, custom homes within the constraints of existing houses that exceed expectations and aspire to enrich your everyday. We would be thrilled to see what we can do for you.

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We all know that life changes and sometimes all of these changes can lead to a single question, “does my current home still meet my needs?” Oftentimes, new functionality and invigorating space can be created in your current home with a bit of reinvestment. So, if you are looking to stay in the home where memories have been created, laughs were shared or proximity to your yoga studio is just too good to walk away, we can help. We find joy in reshaping an existing structure to support you. Whether your focus is on interior, exterior or an integration of the two, we will provide the design for a space that you will fall in love with all over again.

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Industry Professionals

Design is a service that requires a multidisciplinary approach. In order to best serve our clients, we are interested in working with other top Industry Professionals. If you are in the industry and have a unique opportunity or cutting edge product, we would like to hear from you. Fill out our Contact page for inquiries, introductions, or references.


When is the last time you took a risk and saw remarkable rewards? At The Ranch Mine we are interested in helping you see a higher return on your investment. Our ability to provide a substantially differentiated product will ensure your investment leaves a lasting impression that truly stands apart from the competition while benefiting the community at large. Talk to us about our design services and see exciting results!


How long have you looked for the perfect home for a buyer? Or waited for a listing to sell? At The Ranch Mine we are interested on making the most of your clients’ desires. Our ability to look past the current, see potential, and create dynamic spaces can assist you with your buying or selling needs. Talk to us about our design services and you will see new opportunities to give your clients more than they could have imagined!


Who has inspired you to execute beautiful craftsmanship by holding you to the next level of design standards? Well, at The Ranch Mine we are interested in working with teams that are excited by the challenge of precision, crisp lines, and unique features. Our thorough design documents are intended to ensure the most accurate bidding and upfront communication of details that will ensure our design and your execution receive only the highest praise. Talk to us about our design and developments and see how we could seamlessly work together!


What was the last project that enabled you to apply your expertise of the latest in building codes and efficiency? The team at The Ranch Mine has been pushing the envelope in sustainable and modern design in Arizona. Our efforts to reuse existing structures, implement the latest technologies, and produce homes that operate at the highest level of efficiency provide an opportunity for Structural, Civil, and MPE Engineers like you to creatively solve the leading issues of our time. Talk to us about about our mission to improve existing infrastructure and see how we can collaborate to produce inspiring and innovative solutions.


Where are the new avenues that will lead you to connect your products to your ideal buyers?  At The Ranch Mine we are interested in connecting our clients in the greater Phoenix area with the best products available. Our evolving portfolio and social media savvy combine to help our audience identify with products that would complete their homes. Talk to us about our network and realize a new demand!


Why let your art make the same old run of galleries and coffee shops? Or even worse sit in storage? At The Ranch Mine we are interested in building our community and sharing the stories that are captured in all mediums of art. Our network of clients, along with our own developments, provide opportunities for artists to showcase their talent in untapped markets and meet new fans. Talk to us about the spaces we create and how you can fill them!