Multifamily Development

Multifamily Development

Creating denser living opportunities is becoming more and more valuable as our cities and towns continue to urbanize. We work with developers from the earliest stages to create a site plan that makes the most sense in terms of profitability and livability while still being contextual with each unique site and neighborhood. From there we develop floor plans that have similar characteristics to our single-family homes, focusing on modern open floor plans and indoor-outdoor living, and elevations that strike a balance between fitting in with the neighborhood while pushing it forward. We also design the interiors to coordinate a tailored look both inside and out.

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Multifamily Timeline and Process

Design and Documentation: 4-5  months

This timeframe includes our 4 phases of design and documentation, as well as the time necessary for engineers to complete their work on your project. Our 4 phases of design and documentation are Existing Conditions, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. Below is a summary of those phases.

Existing Conditions

Existing Conditions is the foundation for the rest of the design and documentation process. It primarily includes information gathering and documentation of the site. Information gathering includes studying the context of the neighborhood and land, researching the zoning requirements and applicable codes, and photo documenting the site.  We spend a considerable amount of time investigating and discovering what makes the site unique, which views should be optimized or shielded, what is the best orientation for the home, what is historically and culturally significant to the area, and so on. Existing Conditions is the phase when we require a site survey to be produced by a site surveyor if one is not already available.  We use this survey to create a digital plot plan that is used as the base drawing for the rest of the project.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design focuses on the site plan and unit plans. These designs are primarily explored in plan with basic computer models to help visualize the overall concept. We meet with you to discuss these layouts and refine them until we create the best site and unit plan solutions.

Design Development

Design Development is where we start to refine the design, developing exterior elevations, 3-D renderings, and preparing for pre-application meetings with the municipality. The length of the pre-application process may extend the project timeline. Also in this phase, consultants such as Structural, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) and civil engineers start to become involved, as well as a landscape architect in most cases.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents are the final deliverable you receive from us. We specify and draw highly detailed plans to be used by General Contractors to price the design, and as needed to obtain the Building Permits. Once the project is underway, we are available by phone and email to troubleshoot any questions that arise during the construction process. We typically make site visits every other week to ensure that the design intent of the drawings is being upheld.

Building Permitting: 2  months

A building permit is required for all multifamily developments. The time necessary for permitting is completely dependent on the the local jurisdiction and varies greatly on how well they are staffed and how many projects they are reviewing. The permit is issued when structures are designed in accordance with the building codes and all other applicable codes and ordinances, to ensure the safety of the structure. Time to secure a permit is typically around 2 months, but again, depends on your local jurisdiction.

Construction: 6+ months

Construction for a multifamily developments ranges widely, typically taking at the very least 6 months.  The general contractor that you hire to build your project is responsible for the schedule and timeline of your project, but estimating a minimum of 6-8 months for construction is a good start.

Multifamily Specialties

  • Single-Family Attached

    Single-Family Attached developments, also called townhomes, townhouses, or row houses, are growing in popularity as they combine many of the benefits of single family homes with multifamily density and amenities. Our approach is to provide each home with exterior space, both at ground and roof level, connecting homeowners to both the land and sky, a coveted asset in the southwest that also allows smaller footprints to live much larger. Aesthetically we take cues from the surrounding neighborhood and adapt them to the larger scale to allow our development to fit into the neighborhood visually, reducing any negative size impact.

  • Apartments

    Apartments come in many sizes, ranging from duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes up to multi-story buildings. Our specialty is apartment buildings 4 stories or less, either singular buildings or campuses. Similar to our philosophy on single-family homes, we design apartments to connect with their surroundings visually and physically, creating a sense of community while making the most of the smaller unit footprints.